Fantasies; April 2014

I know that I talk a lot about my focus on the importance of dreams, whether they are oriented more towards practical  endeavors, such as finding a job that could be a part of my overall full-time career path, or simply my fantasies of getting my Hogwarts acceptance letter. (Still going strong a decade after my 11th birthday... thank you HogwartsIsHere!) I find that I spend most of my time immersed in a multitude of TV series', video games, & other artistic works. I do enjoy these hobbies, despite their negatives (being sedentary & introverted) but I do worry that I spend far too much time with my Entertainment needs, not unlike others within my generation. I do however feel my participation is still with good reason and/or with justifiable excuses! Example? Harry Potter has taught me more about friendship than any other franchise or self-help gurus.

Much of the science fiction & fantasy genre really is but a question of "What If?" What if an alien species overtook planet Earth? What if we rid our society of disease, only to introduce worse mutations? It's a question of creativity, of wonder, of what, about how you could do something if it existed in real time.  Creativity is an exercise, much like working a muscle, to always be thinking ahead and to get even better at doing so. I think it's more about learning from others to learn more about yourself, at least when it comes to well-written material. Within the past few years, instead of looking at my hobbies as a way of self-destruction, I have sort of dedicated myself to thinking more, talking less, & exercising my brain in many, many, many ways. Isn't it nice to feel as thought you've justified your love for something grander than yourself? In other, less thought provoking news...

On the left: Kenny & I made friends with some deer outside his bedroom window in the trees at his house the other day! We caught a few stomps from the doe on video, even strangely communicating with it a bit. On the right: And like always, I like to snap pictures of his chubby kitty sleeping, like a creepy old cat lady I am.

SPRING IS HERE... sort of! I've been trying to wear dresses & skirts as often as possible! & I was kindly treated to this Banana Republic dress (on the right) at the outlets that was 50% off! I love shopping sales & clearance a little too much.

Oh, the interesting things outside my house. My cacti is continuing to grow, despite already growing through the shelf it sits upon. We might try to replant it someday soon, but have yet to find the courage to risk snapping it in half! No comment necessary with the sign I got a picture of on the road the other day, really.

I've been trying to draw more, despite not really being that great at it. I'm more about being crafty, all D.I.Y., and just making up weird combinations instead! I drew some Elsas the other day & I've been putting together a collection of some cute mini frames. My life isn't really that artistic in the slightest, maybe just purposely a little strange instead.

In other news, I've just starting experimenting with an Amazon Associates account & I might end up using it a bit more than my current use of AdSense for my blogging needs. I don't take my monetization very seriously, but I do however find it sort of interesting to dabble in with my personal accounts. If my thoughts & opinions are provided for free to a company that will somehow generate profit from my information, why can't I take that responsibility into my hands to do as I wish? Just a thought.