Dreams: June 2014

I made note that last week marked that it has been one year since I departed the Disney College Program. It was certainly a bittersweet time in my life, to leave behind the friends I made, all of the memories of time spent in my first apartment with my best friends/roommates, & of course, moving out of the place where dreams come true. In the past year, tons of great & terrible things have happened to me! Lately, I haven't been up to anything too, too crazy...

Except, well, my tire sort of exploded on the highway on my way to work about two weeks ago. Since I work about 45 minutes away, I'm pretty much on an excused leave... except that now there's so much damage to my car (and it already was slowly dying) I think that leave could end up permanent until I find another car... Also, I really want my castle vinyl decal back.

 In the mean time, I've been driving my boyfriend's car for simple errands. Funny enough, the same day that the gay marriage ban was lifted in my home state, I saw this Subaru driving around with this "Don't mess with marriage!" bumper sticker. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I will still laugh at you if your opinion is about putting irrational limitations on other people's choices.

In the spirit of springtime, I've been sort of hoarding plants in every space that I inhabit. Tons of succulents, cacti & even a big aloe vera. I also took over a whole section of my boyfriend's back yard to plant a garden! We sort of ran into some de-mulching issues & tons of mushrooms in the unused plant bed... but I think we figured it out!

Since I can't really go anywhere or do much of anything, I just like hiding in the woods. Last week, we found some cool Pink Lady Slippers on a short hike. These mini trips have been inspiring some massive urges to take advantage of living so close to parts of the Appalachian Trail. My boyfriend & I have decided that we're going to start attempting to do the majority of what our home state's trails have to offer. Maybe eventually I'll feel comfortable enough to attempt the entirety of the trail, southbound from Maine!

We found a spot that we really like camping out, but we're still lacking some gear that we are going to need in order to fully enjoy a multi-day trip just yet. Example? A sleeping bag is just not sufficient at times to keep you entirely warm, at least in terms of ground temperature. While we also want to be romantic on our trips, we also want to be practical. So we're currently looking for a sleeping pad and/or an inflatable mattress (but that really feels like cheating!) 

My favorite resource for all of the stuff we need for camping & backpacking? REI! It's quite a drive to get to the nearest outlet location from where we live, but Kenny & I think the trip is totally worth it. The beau signed up for their co-op & got a bunch of awesome coupons we've been taking advantage of. Part of the deal of joining REI is when you become a member, you get a dividend check back at the end of the year that's 10% of the money you spent! We already know we've spent enough in the past few months,  he'll be able to load up on some great stuff for next year.

I've been taking the time to spy on all of the tadpoles that are inhabiting all of the puddles in the area we like to hike. I've taken tons of pictures for my instagram of them. Who doesn't love froggies?!

I just plan on spending as much time as possible outdoors this summer, completely avoiding the overbearing thoughts of trying to have my life together. Maybe I'll just spend my 20s backpacking instead of struggling not be a statistic (unemployed college graduate, much?) 

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