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My name is Samantha. I'm a tiny lady from the Northeastern parts of the United States, always looking for all sorts of creative ways to enjoy life. I'm an avid Disnerd & a connoisseur of the crafty arts; I like to post on this blog about all of my D.I.Y. projects, blogging ideas, creative writing practices, and  incessant chalkboard painting of all of my furniture! I'm up for tons of adventures; long drives, hiking, rolling around in the grass. I especially like new experiences, theme parks, & going to all sorts of new places. I'm also a Virgo-Libra born on the Cusp of Beauty, if that should mean something to you!

I've been working on my career in the Entertainment industry: with a strong focus on media, design & the travel & hospitality fields. I've interned for haunted attractions like Shocktoberfest in Pennsylvania & in the theme park capital of the world in Orlando at Walt Disney World as part of the Disney College Program (Hi DCP kids from Spring 2013!) I had originally planned to work this summer at the Hersheypark Entertainment Complex, but now I'm looking for more opportunities to freelance my skills more locally in order to focus on launching my own blogging network & brand!

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I'm always up for making new friends, enemies, & competitive rivals!
Feel free to contact me directly regarding this or any other blog within my network.