Trying to Spring Forward;

There's quite a difference between the blogging I actually manage to post versus the kind of writing I want to share throughout cyberspace. Unfortunately, I do have quite a strange fascination with surprise! myself & my own interests... which sometimes makes me worry about who even cares what I have to say? when really I know that there are others who feel this way, too, who might also want to read about the same kinds of things I want to talk about! For me, my lack of self-confidence and blogging don't necessarily go hand-in-hand (I'm looking at you, beauty bloggers...) as I find myself with countless drafts and even fewer final posts.

Radical Self Love was the first blog I came across that changed that for me. I've been trying to create my own little RSL routines, which is pretty much where this blog started from. However, years later, I still have plenty of ideas for collab projects with my friends to take up my time, hours of Entertainment I need to subject myself to (Currently my borrowed copy of 'A Game of Thrones' is staring at me.) and work to abolish the guilt I have about only having the drive to find ways to be more productive but not really doing anything. Those days are hopefully coming to an end as I have a couple of things going on that I'm working to completely revamp my two (disclaimer: monetized) blogs:

My blog about the Disney universe: I generally post & reblog photos & content from the Disney Princesses, but also ancillary characters, Park photos, and random edits of my own. I recently hit around 10k followers on this page, which is honestly one of my proudest moments. (Don't judge how boring & simple I am!) I have the absolute deepest love for the Disney community on Tumblr (despite the current arguments over Frozen's characters) and it's been a great influence on my life outside of the fandom. This is how I ended up finding out about the Disney College Program, which is a part of what changed my life forever, for the better, might I add. 

This is my newest blogging attempt (inspired by my most recent usage of Amazon Associates vs. Google AdSense, I will comment on this at a further time after some trial runs!) that will focus on providing material from a wide variety of Internet media & fandoms, most often merchandise. I plan on posting content from tons of different elements of pop culture, movies, TV shows, and other Entertainment franchises. (I created this logo using the font 'Rainfall,' which might be one of my new favorites!)

Everything I have been trying to work on within the last year I feel is catching up with me, in a way that makes creativity & actual output rather difficult because of how much I stress over how little I have accomplished. I've been try to read up a lot about inspiration, symbolism, & overall creative methods to finding the kind of passion I used to have. Rather, I still find that at the end of the day, my dreams, fantasies, whatever you want to call them, are the main reason for continuing with any and all projects because of the thought of just, wouldn't that be awesome?