DCP Adventures; A Finale & A Monstrous Summer

Well, folks, I have graduated from the Disney College Program! I have completed my program, said my goodbyes, & left Disney property; & now I'm currently staying with my Aunt & Floridian family outside of Tampa before returning home next week. I have to say, participating in the DCP was one of the best decisions I ever made, if not the best thing I could of done to prove to myself that I am truly capable of doing whatever the hell I want. Next stop? Who knows. Here goes my final DCP instadiary;



Things that I will miss from Florida the most? My trips to the Premium Outlets in my free time before work, after work, days off, whenever! I loved my solo time, sipping on Starbucks & roaming through Charlotte Russe & Papaya. Too bad I don't have any of these stores close to home. (Or maybe that's a good thing for my wallet...!) There's no way I can financially handle such an expensive, although admittedly therapeutic, blatant materialistic habit.  


People I will miss from Florida? My roommates, of course! But also my girl Ashlynn. We worked together on Right Block, & she'll still be there until the beginning of August! I don't know if I'll ever have the chance to visit her in Colorado, but I sure hope we remain friends for a long time. We're a silly duo. Patrick thought so, too!

I cannot deny the beauty of Hogwarts castle, shining in the sun after a rain storm. That's just the embodiment of some poetic beautiful fandom feels in a photograph. I'm very glad that I have gotten to enjoy the Wizarding World as much as I have since arriving in January, & I am certainly excited to see what happens following all of the hype for the plans for its expansion! I just love all of the details in the shops and even in the Forbidden Journey's queue line; although I would like to see more variety in the product line-up.

The one thing I have on my agenda before I move back home, is I need to see a real, beautiful gator. I see all of the Florida tourist gator merchandise in every store, tempting me... I just wouldn't be a true swamp family member if I didn't at least try to catch a glimpse of a gator getting its wings! I also plan on finding gator jerky for my beloved, since that was his one request before I return home.

I will miss the Disney atmosphere of chaos and confusion, guests finding their way around & stumbling from one attraction to the next. I will miss overhearing all of the shows with live, loud music, and the characters that greeted me every single day. I will miss pin trading, because that was my absolute favorite part of my job in Merchandise!

I will miss all of the pretty Disney merch that I got to see everyday! I will not miss stuffing my face in the Parks all the time! (My body will thank me for this later down the line!) Especially on one of the last nights, when we got a Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream! It was an absolute nightmare, but also extremely delicious for the four of us girls to try to conquer! 

My last images of the castle to have until my next visit. A beautiful, skylit fuchsia castle & a great shot of Mickey & the Electrical parade. I have such fond memories of my last night in the Magic Kingdom with my ladies, I'll never forget the way it felt on that warm pavement that last night, holding back my tears as Wishes lit up the sky above us. If there is one thing to wrap up what I have learned from my experience in Disney, it's that wishes & dreams do come true, but you still have to work like hell towards them!

This will be my last DCP Adventures instadiary, of course! I will continue to write up posts about the DCP itself, maybe to provide more information for other hopefuls. I'd love to be able to answer any and all questions that I can to better help others enjoy their potential time at a DCP term of their own!