Fueled By... Technology!

I finally completed something I've been meaning to work on since I bought my Amazon Kindle Fire in 2011... I found a way that worked for me to install a custom operating system without completely destroying my tablet! These kinds of endeavors have always been difficult for me to accomplish, or at least blocked, by my use of a MacBook Pro over a Windows based system. I know now that I am not alone in these pursuits, within the limitations of using OS X.

While most consumers either don't know or are too concerned with voiding their warranty on what could possibly be an expensive mistake on one of their electronic devices, I feel that this is a wonderful thing; to be in charge of the technology you own and the way you choose to use it. Whether or not these kinds of tech manipulations void a warranty or not, I find these kinds of modifications to be a relieving way to break new life into all sorts of old gadgets. I respect all of the efforts from those who crack and code these programs and create the assisting software that can enable the average user to try roots and mods themselves, for the pure joy of it. While I am generally tech savvy, there's no way I could do what these in-their-spare-time (and for free?!) developers do. It brings me to a point where I have to ask; Why shouldn't we have more power to be able to use the technology that we purchase how we see fit?

I compiled the source links that I used to take my original model Kindle Fire to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Thanks to anyone who was involved in the compiling these guides & downloads! I used the first link to guide me through the process (long after I almost bricked the device on my own!) There's no humility in learning from your mistakes.

Kindle Fire How-To & Q&A
Kindle Fire Utility (Device Access)
TeamWin TWRP (Recovery Mode)
Android Developer Kit (Device Drivers)
Jelly Bean 4.2 ROM (Alternative OS)