DCP Adventures; April Showers & May Flowers

It's strange to think this will be one of my last "DCP Adventures" posts... But we'll get to that later!

At the end of the month of April, I took a weekend flight home to see all of my family & friends. This trip gave me a lot of reassurance for my recent decisions to not stay in Florida following my College Program. I spent the majority of my time with my lovely boyfriend, most notably our hike together to the highest point in Pennsylvania on a Sunday morning.

By the time I returned back to Florida, it was time for my roommate & most importantly one of my best friend's 20th birthday extravaganza! We rented a pontoon boat out on Bay Lake & spent the morning cruising around and clearly not following the majority of the "No Wake" signs... Whoops! 

That same afternoon, we happened to stumble across the remains of two old Disney World attractions! You could see what I would assume to be the docking area of the Discovery Island (Cove, perhaps?) in the center of the lake, with some of it's buildings relatively intact. On the right, we saw the old watering hole of Disney's River Country waterpark! It's strange that the majority of these structures were never demolished, but rather reclaimed by nature. They were a rather beautiful sight to see!

That evening, we found our way to the Magic Kingdom for our reservations at Be Our Guest, the newest restaurant addition to Fantasyland, home of Belle & the Beast. Never have I been so taken aback by a restaurant setting before, & it honestly was the best meal I have had at Disney. (Of course, I'm using the amazing ambience as my most defining decision making factor!)

At the end of our meal, we did try the grey stuff... and it was absolutely delicious! Lynn blew out her candle for her birthday & it was a beautiful end to the evening. I also happened to find the Beast at the end of our night & managed to snap a few photos with him! 

In my off time, I always wind up at the Vineland Ave outlets to shop around for things that I shouldn't be spending my money on... Wink. I did get a taste of my old urges for D.I.Y. from this great ombre sweater from Papaya, hoping to recreate my find once I return home at the end of the month! More importantly, I managed to attend my DCP Graduation ceremony, and got my first graduation hat ever! I think it's quite fitting for my tassel to swing from an ear hat instead of something more traditional.

One night last week, I got to see one of my favorite bands play at the House of Blues! Alkaline Trio is probably one of my top 3, if I had to make one! Bayside was fantastic, & I can't help but listen to them nonstop now. I don't know why they weren't in any of my playlists before. I was extra excited when Alkaline's setlist just happened to feature one of my favorite songs ever, "Clavicle."

I've been spending as much time as possible in the Parks lately, trying to make sure that I get the most out of these last two weeks here in Orlando... although I am delighted to be able to return home. To see my kittens again, to really get to spend time stirring up new adventures with my friends & my boyfriend, & of course, to lounge in my wonderful bed!