DCP Adventures; Early April Edition

As I sat in my apartment today after I woke up, I thought about all of the changes and the things that I have done since moving here, to Florida, for my program. I've been slowly noticing newer habits; some good, some bad, some a pretty satisfying change to be finally experiencing. The little things that have been altered by this experience, tweaks like an overhaul of my wardrobe choices can be attributed to the contrast of Florida weather... or y'know, maybe the real excuse is my increased confidence! 


A friend of mine from work, my roommates & my pseudo brother John all spent a day at the Magic Kingdom together last Monday or so. We had lunch at the Whispering Canyon cafe (pictures from this exist, but might be part of a separate review of Disney dining later on!) I spent some time alone while they attended class, & I gave into temptations to empty my bank account through gratuitous amounts of cotton candy, Mickey pretzels & the LeFou's Brew from Gaston's Tavern. I also, for the first time in 13 trips to Disney World, actually watched the Dapper Dan set!

I took a picture of my losers on the tea cups, & they looked absolutely adorable. Later, I got a great shot of the Wishes finale over the castle & it just so happens to look a bit like a Hidden Mickey!

Since starting the program, it's almost a constant that every day that I have off, I end up at Starbucks & going to the mall or to the Outlets. I actually had the experience to ride the H bus to the Florida Mall on a random Thursday off with my two roommates & I had a blast spending half (or more, if we're going to be honest here!) my hard earned Spring Break paycheck! I took part in a glorious Forever 21 & H&M haul, & then of course wandered off to old favorites like Old Navy; check out this badass Rockabilly piggy bank! I was so tempted to pick one up.

Of all of my finds on my mall splurge, I got this amazing dress from Forever 21; this pattern just seriously pays homage to Kelly Bundy's style ala Christina Applegate of the 90s & the cut is just simple vintage retro. It fits me so comfortably; which is why of course, I wore it to the Swamp Family meet up at Downtown Disney on April 7th! I met @grav3yardgirl, one of my favorite YouTube personalities & swamp queen. She was such a sweetheart! Unfortunately, Disney security busted up her mob pretty quickly. (Of course, it was a violation of the first key to have so many people there, blocking an entrance to the World of Disney store. Understandable, but still a little disappointing.)


Thinking ahead, I picked up tickets for one last Orlando hoorah, to see Alkaline Trio for my first time! While I may or may not spewing tears of joy to finally see this band live, I also just love the House of Blues as a venue; I just avoid it at all other costs for the absolute mess it becomes as a place for CPs to party. Just not my kind of scene, but it's still an amazing place to see a band! (*See, Coheed show back with Kenny in March! Fantastic time.) Celine sent me a care package of deliciousness & I literally survived off of it for a week!

For this weekend, I'll be in Clearwater with my Aunt on a mini vacation. I went to the beach today in my flowy, floral grandma dress & my new floppy sun hat. My Aunt, my cousin & I walked along the beach, and I just let myself enjoy the sand & the sun. Completely calm. Let's hope the de-stressing lasts throughout my upcoming 10 days in a row of work! I just have to remind myself that at the end of that 2 week rainbow, I return home for the weekend to see my hometown & my boyfriend & my friends, & maybe then I'll get around to updating again!

The most important things for me to focus on currently are my own feelings regarding where I am heading. I've learned that this internship has brought me to the conclusion that my experience here is meant to be enjoyed. I don't want to make any decisions about whether or not Disney is what I want, career wise. I won't let anyone make that choice for me, either. What I do want, is this continued momentum to find out more about what I do want. I can tell you that right now, I do know that path is leading me home!

See ya real soon.