Fueled By...Fridays; Spring Break & Easter

It's that magical time of year at Disney again, where the Parks are packed to the brim & all of the CPer's hours are overflowing out of straight time. The weather feels just as beautiful & confusing as ever; dipping well into the 30s & 40s in the morning and reaching the 70s by the late afternoon sunshine! This year Easter falls in March, making Spring Break's holiday limited time magic extra special with the Flower & Garden festival & decor spread all over Epcot. It's certainly worth the trek into the crowds for a peek at Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny themselves... maybe!

Left: Displayed in the Expo center, Disney unveiled Vera Bradley's Disney collection that is releasing this fall. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it. I do have some complaints: namely, the lack of hidden mickeys in the intricate designs of the paisley print. I don't like how Mickey & Minnie just sort of appear, rather than being worked more into the print itself. Right: Easter egg hunt outside of Innoventions! I wasn't sure if there was an age limit, but I would of loved to try my hand at it!

Left: I'm a pretentious b!tch at Starbucks every day that I have off. I always end up at the Outlets, namely because it's walking distance for me & an easy place to find things to do. I have a tendency to order the exact same thing, a flavored frap with soy milk... but with globs of whipped cream. Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm not necessary lactose intolerant, but more like "dairy sensitive!" Right: Hipster Instagram shot; my best friend brought me my favorite lace up black boots from home when she came down to visit & I am in love with wearing them with all of my dresses during the Spring in Florida. Signature style for me right now.

Left: Most importantly, my most recent doses of fantasy; I traded in a bunch of games & my handheld Playstation Vita & picked up these beautiful babies at GameStop. Sadly, I don't have my system with me in Chatham, but I do have my 3DS. I'll be busy playing through Luigi's Mansion for the next week or so, in the small amount of free time that I find! Infinite will have to wait, or at least, will happen whenever I can sneak over to my friend's apartment & play well into the middle of the night when they let me! Right: Addicted to this song right now, playing in my head on repeat. No idea why, it's not like I've never listened to it before. Aesop Rock is lyrical genius & I absolutely appreciate such articulate rap.