DCP Adventures; March!

This month so far, in a nutshell, has been fantastic. Of course, I've been neglecting my blog during this program. I'm trying to keep up, but I've been faltering quite often. Moving forward in a more positive way...! I spent the first week of the month with my best friends & my boyfriend. A complete win. No words can describe how happy I was being with them. Counting down until I can see them again; which will hopefully be at the end of April. I'm flying home for my boyfriend's birthday, & of course, to snuggle Celine again.

I was sick last week, so no pictures from that time are even worth showing... or at least, they shouldn't be posted. I recall a mattress pile in our living room that ended up being posted on Facebook. My face is in the picture is one of absolute torture & pain. Not sharing that one with the world further!