Fueled By... Fridays!; Family Edition

Okay, so this is going to be sort of like my weekly Things I Love Thursday, except more relevant to the fact that it's a little more specific to a day of the week! My Friday this week was exceptional & I figured I'd write about it! (Even though I have 2 weeks to catch up on...)

My parents came from home in PA to visit little old me down in Florida. (!!!) We spent the day at Disney together, which felt very strange because it was the first time we were there together in over 6 years. Nothing like seeing your parents after 2 months to really make you appreciate their... quirks! We had reservations for breakfast at the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort... very early at 7:35. I devoured some Tonga Toast & that beautiful Cafe Mocha. We were lucky enough to be able to get to the Magic Kingdom early enough after breakfast to see the opening ceremony before 9 a.m.! My mom, despite being to Disney so many times, had not actually seen Mickey officially open the Park before. Waterworks did ensue. Later, we went to the Haunted Mansion- & I found the most beautiful magic moment ever. Outside of Leota's tomb stone, laid a single red rose. Whether a guest left it behind, or the cast themselves, I was feeling somewhat eery the rest of the morning!

My parents & I met up with my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin Nayah for the rest of the day. We ran around the Kingdom together. My Mom & Dad hadn't seen them in that same 6 years since we'd been to Disney. Waterworks did ensue. I got a new pair of Minnie ears & took pictures with Nayah Jade. We did most of the major rides, & then hopped to Epcot before dinner. We played in Future World & I think I may have finally accepted the new Test Track refurb. Maybe. We went out the International Gateway & had dinner at the Cape May Cafe over at the Yacht & Beach Club. My favorite Disney restaurant, hands down.  I stopped caring about how much I was eating right around this time of night. Please bring me all of the strawberry shortcake in existence. Please & thank you.
Tomorrow, I'm going to Hollywood Studios bright & early before work to be able to spend this last morning with my parents... It doesn't make me upset though; because on Monday morning, I get to see my other favorite people. My best friends & my boyfriend.