Things I Love Thursday; Valentine's Day Edition!

The past few weeks of my life have been full of new experiences, hard work, & tons of abrupt decision making about my life & who I want to be. While today may be such a cliche holiday, that doesn't mean we cannot celebrate the magic of Valentine's Day for what it is! It should be fun, a little bit romantic, & cheesy. I'm harnessing it as a day for me. I'm also taking this time to count down the days until I see my parents, my best friend & my boyfriend... & Coheed & Cambria for my third time! These upcoming weeks are going to be wonderful. 
Resort hopping & beignets with Christopher ♥ Window shopping at Downtown Disney Planning out fancy dates with my boy (we may or may not be going up in that balloon!)  ♥ Accidentally spending all of my money (feeling so irresponsible for that one!)
Getting presents for friends  Doctor Who ♥ Fandom merchandise in Epcot Studio Ghibli anything at the Japan pavilion  The adorable Asian girls & their sense of style (Such a contrast to ladies from the States!)
  Finally going to Hogwarts after a decade of wishing Frozen butterbeer Spending the day with my Aunt & Cousin Nayah Crying in Hogsmeade  Preparing Celine for her own doom in Universal The Forbidden Journey (most immersive ride ever, hands down... Sorry Disney!) 
  Tea at the Yak & Yeti in Animal Kingdom, in cast iron pots! Garden Rose & Green Tropical mixes from Mickey's Pantry Messy & beautiful loose leaf tea  Cute apartment mugs... need I say more?
  Being a Universal Studios Florida resident annual pass holder Swimming with sharks @ Typhoon Lagoon!  ♥   Dates with my roommates  Water parks in February when there is tons of snow on the ground at home.
 Cat face shirt from Papaya ♥ Meeting new people & all of my friends in Orlando  ♥  Making up with my roommate (and accepting each other for being absolutely crazy!) ♥ Experiencing Disney Magic everyday ♥ Lounging on days off of work & playing in the Parks whenever I can Desserts with John

This Valentine's Day will be pretty spectacular, even though my Valentine is 1,000 miles away back home! I'm wondering how crowded the parks will be this evening. Approximately 2 weeks until I see my Mom & Dad, then I get to be with my best friends in the entire world & my boy for the week following! Until then, I've got tons of work, my roommates 21st on the 21st, & the P!nk show at the Amway center this month!