DCP Adventures; End of the First Month

I've never been so tired, while still feeling so alive & aware at the same time in my entire life. I feel like every single day I have been here has brought me challenges that are giving me what I need to prepare for my future & make changes for the better. Long hours, hard work, & creating magical guest experiences are my new addictions. I adore being paid to spend time in the Parks helping guests & having fun while doing so!

What this Program is & what it isn't is a very broad gray area for some. I've seen a lot of people have a very hard time maintaining a balance between having fun in Parks & with new social experiences & with working hard in their new positions. At first I was exhilarated for the chance to meet a lot of new people to socialize with from the program, but it's becoming such a normalcy for me! It's not like I'm only spending time with my roommates- it's in fact the exact opposite. I see them at home almost briefly & then I enjoy time on my own or with work friends. Like I said, the Program is what you make of it! You need to make your own choices; don't worry about your roommates or the people around you; focus directly on yourself. At least be willing to seek help from those around you, whether it's your leaders or fellow cast members.

You are the reason you are here. No one else. I feel like this needs to be a constant reminder to some of the people that I have met here. Being a realist, I always knew not everything can be as magical as a Disney experience- and the College Program so far for me has had some very amazing times, & also included some very hard choices. This week I've been deployed to Tower of Terror, & it's a lot of fun! Pro tip: wear ear plugs when you are stationed outside of the Photo Preview screens!