Things I Love Thursday; Cast Member edition (sort of!)

The feeling of freedom being in Orlando  Pin trading with guests of all ages Butterflies ♥ Reigniting an old friendship ♥ Respect  Free pizza ♥ Random text messages ♥ Cuddling alone in bed Realizing the true strength of your intuition ♥ Being a Disney Cast Member at your favorite Park in WDW ♥ Merchantainment ♥ Watching movies in bed alone ♥ Getting paid to have fun ♥ Listening to new & varying accents ♥ Being able to sleep in on rare occasions! ♥ Newfound self empowerment  Dreaming Marina & the Diamonds Spotify ♥ Seeing my family on the weekends ♥ Counting down the days until I see Celine & Andy ♥ Crushing hard on unattainable things ♥ Falling asleep when you actually want to Deadmau5 

I've only had one training day at Disney so far; but I've absolutely had a blast with it! While the "Living" experience of my program has been less than ideal, it's helping me appreciate my Learning & Earning portions a lot more! Keeping an open mind & an even more open chance to continue the changes I am making. I'm just happy to have actually done a TiLT for this week!