DCP Adventures; Day #2 Housing, Traditions & the Parks

After my initial check-in day on Tuesday, we've moved into our apartment & have gotten comfortable with using the provided transportation to go to the grocery store, the Outlets & to Downtown Disney. I've met some Australians & New Zealanders from the Disney International Program! Spending nights at Downtown Disney is an absolute blast; we started a flash mob in the streets on our first night.

We had our housing meeting yesterday, & it was pretty interesting! It was full of excitement, & of course, discussion of the rules & regulations that we must follow while living in Disney sponsored housing. They are all complete common sense; no weapons, no drugs, & no alcohol if you are not of legal age. Follow the rules & you will be just fine! Of course, this isn't so much an informative thought that something that is pretty obvious.

For the rest of the evening, I will be fairly busy. Today is finally the day where we could get our IDs, & finally get our passes to the Parks! Tonight, we're all meeting up at Magic Kingdom! Hilarity will ensue.