DCP Adventures; Day #1

Monday just flowed into yesterday; from the time my roommates & I met at the All-Star Music resort in Disney, to bonding in Downtown Disney, to the time where we checked into our apartment together. In a blur, we skipped bed time to arrive at Vista Way for the DCP check-in early. By early, I mean 4 a.m.;  and even though it was a bit physically painful to endure the all-nighter, it came full circle & was all worth it when we got our 2 bedroom apartment in Chatham Square. (One of the few available for that day!)

Yesterday truly started off with the cab ride from the Disney resort. We had the hotel hold our bags for us, considering we trusted our bags to stay at the hotel more while we handled all of the stress of the check-in process. We arrived around 4 a.m. to a line of maybe 10 or 15 people. We all talked, got to know one another, & made it through the long 3 hour wait before they let us into the Vista Way complex. This may seem extreme, but if you really want a certain complex, you have to sacrifice for it! They only set a side a certain number of apartments from each complex to choose from. This is especially difficult if you've bonded with your roommates enough that you don't want to live with anyone else! 

The check-in process went very smooth. *If you bring your bags with you, they have a place to store them during the process & a bus that will take them back to your apartment.* We didn't know this at the time, which is why we stored our bags at the hotel. I'd say my best advice is to get there early, have all your documents ready, dress comfortably, & bring snacks! Each station has different steps: specifically, they will tell you what they need, you'll fill out required paperwork & move along to the next station. Do not worry or stress about this process, just bring your I-9 documents. There is really not much else to say about it! Once you have your location, you move to housing, & then to casting for more information & your background check.

The next step is getting your apartment: as previously mentioned, get there early if you want a specific complex and apartment size. Here is a tour of my areas of the Chatham Square, 2 bed room apartment!

The picture on the left is the outside of the apartments. Beautiful facade! Our living is pretty awkward, since we don't have a balcony. But Michelle & I decorated our bathroom in purple!

This is the dining & kitchen area. It's actually pretty big, in my personal opinion. The door in the back of the kitchen used to be locked for previous DCP terms, but with the new company managing the apartments, they actually seem to be unlocked from now on! We plan on storing our luggage back there.


Michelle & I's room is in the back corner of the apartment, so it has the largest walk-in closet, but it's connected to our bathroom. It's pretty awkward, but it's still very nice to have so much space to ourselves!

I originally found my roommates through the DCP Facebook page, through mutual friends & big discussion threads about baking! & now we're just settling in, like we've known each other for years. Since moving in, we've decorated what we can slowly, & gotten most of our stuff unpacked. Our apartment is adorable! My room makes me happy & reminds me of home so far! I feel like the next few months are going to be very rough, but also very magical. Today is only just our first full day of the DCP & already we've been making plans to spend time together. We even arranged for us all to take the same class, at the same time, so we always have a "roomie day!" I feel very blessed to be in this program, & so far, I cannot even fathom returning home soon! I have my schedule for the next week all booked up with new friends, housing meetings & events, work training, & the famous Disney Traditions class! 



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