Thing I Love Thursday; Autumn Leaves & Pumpkin Everything

My, my is this post long overdue! I've been neglecting my blogging over the past few months. I've been quite busy, but also very content and excited. At this point, summer has come to an end & I've settled back into my life here in Berks County. While I will always miss the Disney magic, I'm certainly back into the mindset of magic-making on my own! I've moved into a higher plane of thought, in my opinion. Not to mention, I've relocated myself out of just merely a shrewd existence in my parents basement. (The second floor is an improvement, right?!) I finished off my college degree & NOW I can focus on myself. I'm decluttering my life & getting ready for my next steps, a.k.a trying to somehow manage to act like an adult. I've spent a lot of time re-visiting my happy places in my hometown that I love (for instance, the Pinnacle!) & of course, a lot of my free time will always be spent in breakfast heaven at Tomcat Cafe on the weekends (far too often, perhaps...) When I first got back from my Disney bubble, I was working at a small cafe in West Reading, but I have decided it's time to aim a lot higher for myself. I want to be independent again like I was during the DCP, minus all of the housing rules, o' course. I turned 21 in September, and I finally feel as though truly, the only person holding me back is myself.

Back in September, I landed my second internship in my desired industry, by working under Patrick Konopelski, owner of Shocktoberfest and the director of The Zombie Mud Run events! It has been an absolute blast getting to know the way a true position in my field feels, even if I am just working on small tasks day to day. I was along for the ride during our national media attention regarding the Naked & Scared Challenge; our Unknown haunted house was featured everywhere from Jay Leno's opening monologue to a letter written to Ellen on her talk show. Definitely on par with my experience working for the Mouse.

In October, my sister got married! & I was one of her lovely bridesmaids. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, even though I am not fond of the concept of marriage for myself, I found myself extremely happy for them. My sister got married at the Capitol building...and I fell in love with it's charms. I loved the mosaic floors & all of the deco theming. My boyfriend and I had a great time (can't ya tell? Wedding photobooths are the best!), & just hanging out in Harrisburg for the weekend. We went out and about together... and our hotel room had some interesting quirks. We will never forget finding that bible in our room. Never ever.

For now, I'll be spending some time defending the citizens of Gotham. All & all, I've had a great start to my Autumn season... now I'll just ride out the holidays and see where life takes me. (Apparently with a better skill winging my eyeliner!)

I've also started an eBay store to sell off some of the clutter I've found. Check it out, fueledbyfantasy! Not everything is posted yet, but be prepared for tons of clothes, tech & nerd gear, & maybe even a few hand made surprises here & there!