Today, I had to shovel a few inches of snow off of my Taurus with a Starbucks cup I had crumbled under my car seat, because I don't carry a scraper like a normal Northeastern gal. I'm hoping this is just a common mistake of new drivers like myself. (Especially ones who didn't spend the prior Winter months in their home state!) If this joke doesn't find it's way to a punchline involving myself and my awful habits that make me seem like an over entitled millennial, please feel free to let me come to my own conclusions.

Other than the aforementioned Winter hysteria that is my current life, and that of trying to mold back into being accepting of the snowfall, I will continue to dream longingly of the clear skies of Florida! I'm finally back on track at home (or so I say, every time!) I've been trying to remind myself of the things I need to restock up on to live back at home... for starters, warmer socks and maybe even some fleece lined leggings. & I've been busy brainstorming new ideas for what Fueled By Fantasy truly means to me... and what it could mean to others! In terms of what I have dubbed my "headquarters," I never fail to find adorable little things for my desk in the $1 bins by the front entrance or on the clearance racks at Target! I hung those letters up for less than $3 and I couldn't any happier to see my mantra every single day. I also find office organization to be a tag I spend a lot of time searching through on the web. I know that I will make sure to have an office space, or even a corner rather of my first place that will be all mine. Also, my eBay account has been giving me a lot of great opportunities to declutter!

I found a new full-time position through Craigslist (who would of thought?!) and I'm going to be able to start planning towards moving out and into a new place with my beau. But let's not get too far ahead... it's time to get through the remainder of this year, including the Holidays, which I will try to avoid a lot of kicking and screaming through. To help cope with the struggle of busy shopping complexes and annoying relatives, I got a white glitter light up tree on clearance at Michael's for 60% off. I covered it in clear and purple gem stone ornaments from Target, and even some clear bulbs that I hung with purple paperclips! If something purple & glittery isn't going to help me prevail through the dysfunction, I really don't know what will! I also found that in almost all of my selfies in my bedroom, there is a cat lurking in the background. This photo was meant for the upcoming Romwe review that I've been meaning to post!

Lastly, I came across this article by  that Gala posted in her e-mail blast about the 5x5 trick today. May I suggest spend some time thinking about and implementing this into your life? I drew up a little graph and I was shocked by the results and how badly I need to change some of these regularly occurring bad habits.