I Missed The Bus; 2014

Photo From Tumblr
For the past month or so, my laptop has been in a back & forth bind with Apple. It's infuriating, yes, because it does seem every time I get the hang of regularly posting, I fall back in love with my Instadiary assortments, and I think of great new things to discuss on the web... then my MacBook takes a dive into an abyss.

A while ago, I had many issues with the OS X installation of Mountain Lion. My hard drive didn't really enjoy the process, and "failed" while stuck in an infinite loop. This problem was solved, however, by a fresh install of the entire OS and I didn't have many problems with it until.... Mavericks released! The same thing happened again on this install, and at that time, I lost all of the work I had done for my internship with Shocktoberfest. (I did finally learn to back up my drive. Thanks.) Fast forward to now, when other parts of my computer start to act up... After spending a day failing to boot, I drove my Pro the half hour or so to the nearest Apple Store. The "Genius" tried to solve the problem by replacing my hard drive- and when I picked it back up a few days later, they hadn't even bother to test for other hardware malfunctions. Thank goodness for AppleCare, though, because luckily I didn't pay a dime for the $800+ of work they would of charged me.

Maybe they could reimburse me for my gas for how many trips it took due to their negligence? (Excuse me for being such an over-privileged, entitled cis millennial for a moment. Bad customer service infuriates me.)

This brings me to the moral of the story: This won't be the last time I'll complain about Apple.

By now, I'm at least returning to my regular, therapeutic writing programming. The concept of Fueled By Fantasy is one of my greatest passion projects, the problem and the struggle with it is just truly in it's execution. But, at the very least of my computer struggles, I should be glad I didn't have to waste my time on obligatory Christmas & New Year's posts for this year. Cheers!