Rant; My Mac was eaten by a Mountain Lion.

So as of the past month, tons of people have been upgrading their Mac OS X's to Mountain Lion. A handful of people, who were told their systems had the requirements, seem to be having a hard time. Myself included.

(*Note: I had Snow Leopard, this was a leap I was willing to take, based on the fact I felt so far behind!) Earlier, after 4 hours of downloading, an hour of back-ups, & a good amount of time reading about how to successfully install this new upgrade, I took the plunge. I excitedly posted to Facebook, like the nerd I am, "Brb, upgrading to Mountain Lion." 3 hours later, I feel like I should of just gotten into the fetal position and cried.

Let me tell you how thousands of people are experiencing hard drive failures due to the ML installer. Sure, we can argue that maybe these drives were about to fail anyway. A ticking time bomb, as some people have stated. Yet, it seems Apple is just suggest we purchase new hard drives, & move right along.

After the infinite loop that is an OS installer, I tried to reboot to my HD. It kept giving me errors. I used my original install boot disc from Snow Leopard- even a fresh install wouldn't work, considering it seemed the drive was shot. After making my Apple genius bar appointment, and trying to figure out how the hell this was going to work; my computer booted up as normal.

I was lucky, and for some reason, my drive booted once again. Other people haven't been so lucky. Most of the posts I've seen have ended in fresh installs & new HDs courtesy of the Apple store. Even a Disk Utility check showed afterwards that my drive was fine... and I'm sure it would be the same for others as well. Seems like Apple is profiting more off of this than they should, eh? Considering the new OS upgrade has released so long ago, you'd think there would be some sort of fix or warning. Not yet.

Making plans to create a good solid Time Capsule for next time...