So Far in 2014; Changes

My past year has been filled with lots of love and celebration that needs more than just a Valentine's Day or a random blog post. With my boyfriend & I marking our first year together, in addition to celebrating the 7 years of friendship with my first lady, Celine... there has never been a better time for me to step up and start doing the things I want to do with all of the supportive vibes coming my way.

I take each month, each week, each day as a new beginning as much as I can. Last week, my employer let me go due to financial stress; but at the same time, I myself felt a sense of relief because I was no longer passionate about my position there. I couldn't find a sense of fantasy about what I could do with it down the road. When my future feels bleak, I know it's up to me in that moment to change pace!

I'm happy to announce I'm going back to my roots and my original career goals within Travel & Hospitality. My confidence struck a major chord when I was invited to work in Guest Services this summer at Hersheypark! While this is just a minimum wage clerical position, this is still the first step in what could be a very rewarding career in my home state.

To really get things going, last week I cut off all of my curly, frizzy & unmanageable hair! I am currently the owner of a wonderfully perfect pixie cut. I missed having a short, messy style since I've been letting my hair grow for the past two years. It is refreshing & liberating. Bonus points: My boyfriend offered to make the appointment for me in exchange for a promise to not complain about my hair anymore.

This winter has been absolutely beautiful, but I am so over all of the snowfall and awful driving conditions. I cannot wait for Spring & the blue skies to commence, to start hiking and going back outside! Regardless of my situation, I'm never going to stop working on getting the things that I want. My partner & I are looking for our first house, maybe even our first pet together. I just want to take things as they come, but I am more than excited for all of it.

More personally and creatively, I've had some debates of turning the aforementioned podcast into an attempt at a YouTube channel, but yet either requires the investment into the required technology and professional editing software that none of those involved can afford. In better news, we have our concept finished for a comic series (!!!) and just need to properly storyboard our first few issues, layout our character backgrounds, and story arcs. And when I say we? I leave my friends unnamed as to let them live in infamy as my friends who share the same motivational issues. (You're welcome.)