Fueled By... Office Supplies?

On my list of quirky attributes, I'd say my love of functional & aesthetically pleasing organization isn't too crazy... but my love for office supplies is almost unhealthy! I'd say I buy at least 20 different things from the Target $1 bins every time I shop there. I like crazy patterned notebooks, writing pads, & post-its. Coordinated folders and binders in matching colors and in vary materials make me swoon and excited to find reasons to use them. I've learned over the years that my passion for design isn't to create complicated, crazy graphics... rather just embracing the collection of very minimal, functioning & colorful pieces.

I've been in debates over taking my blogging elsewhere (note: like my own domain) & lately it's been rather disheartening to keep track of my own scheduled writing times & posts. I also know that I want to get some items for my new desk at work! I can't help but think maybe what I need is just a little work space inspo?
Did you even know you wanted a copper cup for your pens? 

Pretty, right?
Don't even get me started on GENERAL home design...
I've been spending too many years building houses on the Sims.