Fueled By... Fridays!

Just a quick FBF; I'm so excited that it is the first of August & this was the first week of my new job! I've been very happy this past week... especially because now I feel more comfortable saying that Fall is on it's way... meaning soon there will be many more camping & hiking photo shoots!

As per usual, I've been taking photos of my cats, of course! I put this one on my instagram out of pure shock that I got both Aly & Ivy in the same picture... which is a rarity in itself!
I cannot believe that they are 13 years old...

We've been harvesting our garden, as well! We finished our first trial batch of pickles, including using some of our wares to make this silly little veggie tray the other night.

Oh, yeah, and I spent some time last week buying $2 Purple Velvet maxis at Salvation Army. 
Also, work pants.

I've been taking VERY good care of my Disney Blog! 
It has been an absolute blast lately setting up my queue.

Bought some old Disney books at Re-Uzit for .50 cents. 
I love having some classic Disney art around.

I've been making all sorts of random crafts, 
I want to start making cute desk decor out of all of my random supplies!

Index card holder? Yes!

Been in the habit of packaging all of my eBay supplies up really nicely... Maybe because I buy SO MUCH $1 bin items at Target, might as well start using them!

I'm heading over to my beau's for the weekend. What are you doing?