My Disney Side;

Besides working on my own site & occasionally writing this personal manifesto of sorts, I've also been hosting Like A Disney Princess on Tumblr for the past two years. I've posted some of the things that I've done with LADP a few times here before, but I haven't really talked about my goals or what else I've done with my fan site. Realistically, I do it because I love it! I've been a self-called Disnerd since my first trip to Walt Disney World when I was eight years old. My parent's house is so full of Disney memorabilia from years past, I've even begun selling it off on eBay for them! So far, the blog has gotten a lot bigger, & it's really great connecting with other Disney fans, especially since doing so motivated my interests in getting involved with the Disney College Program!

Disney has been such a big part of my life & it always will be. I became interested in Travel & Hospitality when I was little, which is where I found my way to to trying to become an Entertainment professional. Traveling to the Parks each year was something hopeful I could look forward to, even through all of the awkward phases of growing up, the frustration, even during the struggle to find myself in my late teens... but every visit to Disney World held me together, & the cast members at Disney were ALWAYS there on those vacations, supporting every single person, family, couple in attendance, ensuring that you will have the best time of your life while they host you as a guest in their Kingdom. My time during the Disney College Program really helped me reach goals of giving back to those who once gave so much to me.

Career wise, I've decided against working for the Disney Company. I just want to preserve that Disney magic I've always fantasied about.
Luckily, I've found more opportunities, closer to home, closer to what I've always imagined for myself. Maybe one day I'll return to Disney & feel that magic yet again.