Rant; more Mountain Lion drama

Disclaimer: Most of the time, I am this excitable Disney nerd, spending her days on Tumblr & watching movies & shows via Netflix. Not many things send me into so much rage like computer issues do. I've used Windows all my life, & with a recent switch to Mac I've learned I will still experience the same bullshit no matter who I have handed my money for technology.

I keep finding more support thread discussions about the OS X upgrade Mountain Lion & it's blatant failures. Here. & Here. More & more issues, the same as my own, have been surfacing. I am very upset with myself for not researching into this further, I admit I chose rather to be blissfully ignorant about my choices. I figured the cheap upgrade was worth it & that I'd be perfectly fine. Wrong.

I also do want to spend the $100 on Disk Warrior. But it seems like one of the best options get everything done correctly. I still have not found out exactly what fixed my hard drive following it's "damage." Was it pulling my computer out of the infinite loop of the OS install? Was it simply using my Snow Leopard boot disk to run a few utilities before running to the Genius Bar? It seems that for many, they've had to clear their drives & then give themselves fresh installs.

Everyone who have been claiming this same fate have been simply rejected by the rest of the Apple community, believing only that these hard drives were already close to extinction- rather than accepting the truth it could be an issue with Mountain Lion itself. As if we cannot believe Apple could have generated something with a fault.

I'm generally a fan of Apple, I can enjoy my MacBook & my iPhone without having to be someone who needs to upgrade every 6 months. Yet it seems clearly Apple favors these more needy consumers over those of us who will spend a few years with their products before exchanging for an upgrade.

*Note: I'm using an early 2010 MacBook Pro model & I currently have an iPhone 4. Generally still pretty new.