DCP Adventures; The Beginnings

Photo Courtesy of Flickr
For about a year, I've been in contemplation of taking the jump to Florida & participating in the Disney College Program at WDW. For anyone that really knows me, they will know that Disney and visiting the Parks have been a big part of my life ever since my family first took me when I was about 9 years old. I was hooked, fascinated by the atmosphere of the surrounding land, the way the whole place felt like it was under a dome, where everything could be perfect. I fell in love with the Parks from the moment I saw Cinderella Castle. Dramatization necessary, because yes, it's a large impact to who I am today. My passion about Disney has always been there, in the background, cheering me on like crazy.

Nowadays, I visit the World resort every 2 or 3 years. I'll be making my second trip on my own (not entirely, dragging along my boyfriend!) this upcoming September. Conveniently, this is around the same time the applications go live for the program. And I am nervous. I've joined Facebook groups and have begun talking to other hopefuls, & I really do believe I could get into this program. My only concern? The dreaded phone interview. Interviews have never been my strong point, but at least I can only prepare & practice.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr
In the time being, until I can cut my losses & apply for the CP: I've been running a small Disney fandom page on Tumblr, Like a Disney Princess. It's amazing to see how many followers & hits you can find by participating in the Disney tag. I'm having a lot of fun with it, & that's mainly why this page has been such a ghost. I feel more comfortable posting text here, considering it would more than likely be bypassed on Tumblr for more pictures of Tinkerbell & Prince Charming. It has been a blast as I gain more followers each & every day. (I mainly use Compfight & make use of Flickr to find more technically "OC" on the tag, giving all credit to the Flickr account I copied the URL from. I know copyright law!)

I'm really interested in meeting other hopefuls & making new friends. I have been proven time & time again that the best people I have ever met in the world were fans of -or at least appreciated- Disney!