#$%! Yeah, Friday; Home For Summer

There has been one word that I haven't been able to get out of my vocabulary since leaving the place where dreams come true: magic. Every day, whether it's the weather or the way my boyfriend does something, I find myself defining the coincidences and unexplainable, wonderful things in my life with the phrase. I'm pretty sure this isn't bad leftover nostalgia from Orlando.

I've started working at a local West Reading cafe where I am dubbed Sam #2! My Canadian version got me the job, & now we're spending lots of time together before she heads back to Canada for school. As of right now, we're in the process of starting a podcast to stay in contact while she is away! (More details to come, it's going to be pretty bitching if I say so myself!)

Other than that, I'm working through school & trying to piece my Pennsylvanian life together. Living with my parents is pretty taxing after being on my own for the first half of this year; I'm already in the process of saving money for my next adventure of moving out & onward. I guess having my Boston Terrier around isn't so bad for now!

Adventuring around & learning some new skills isn't a bad way to learn my time. Learning how to shoot is one of the most strange experiences of my life, considering I used to be so intimidated by guns & the like. I don't really have much of a problem with it anymore; as I think it is much more important to be able to defend myself. 

Being back in my old bedroom is kind of a shock every morning, as I've been so used to the plain white walls of 14203. I missed being able to light incenses & draw, or having little plant friends in my windows. I've been steadily working on my visual journal/radical self love bible in my spare time, as I've finally found a good way to recycle my 5+ years worth of Cosmo issues!

I'm having a great time with the summer weather, being with my friends & my beau, & of course, settling in to a new sense of freedom in my familiar environment. Will I ever return to Disney? Who knows. I'm completely okay with the unknown & taking in as much as I can to figure out what I want to do & where I am headed. 

If you're a fan of my NSFW posts, stay tuned for info about my new collab podcast project!