Thoughts; Crush

Not sure where I found this, my apologies for no credit given. May have been from Audrey Kitching's blog.
 A guilty pleasure of mine has always been magazines. I, for one, will never let printed media die by my hands. I'd rather feel the pages of a book move than slip my fingers across a single screen to read a novel any day. I have almost every issue of Cosmo since roughly June 2006. Maybe a few missing from friend's "borrowing" them, but I'm dead serious.

This is hanging on the wall next to my bed!
Recently, as I changed my room to focus on creating updated & more of a -mature to my age- surrounding, I never once considered tossing these magazines. Today, I was flipping through the pages of Vogue (which I'd never bought before, thus being my virgin issue) I realized something pretty difficult about the fashion industry & trends. It's so self-intimidating... almost like a war of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

On the front cover of this March issue there's Adele, in all her big hair & sultry eyed glory, wearing a ruched lace scoop neck somethingwecan'ttellbyaheadshot. I want to be her. Then I flip the page & see this wonderful black & white Fendi pull-out ad, & instantly think, "I want that bag." & who could deny the light pastels in the Louis Vuitton ad following? "I want to dress in those colors." To be honest, I bought this issue to find some inspiration for upcoming patterns I'll be designing come time for me to ravage a JoAnn's fabric that is opening very close to me soon. The thing is, my entire complaint, is that fashion has been the only industry to really get me to want in years. It's all of the art & skillful design that while I may only be a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, it makes me fill my closet with pretty things!

Like my wonderful Betsey Johnson dresses I only wear for most special occasions;
(I would link, but I bought this on sale on Amazon for like 75% off!)

& my Black Milk galaxy dress, that I find myself only wearing after a good workout.

All I can say, is bravo, you have found your target market here 
& you are righteously draining me, fashion industry.

Such is my addiction to Sephora, who I always bought gift & sample sets from!
 Maybe on a monthly basis.

I'm not sure if this more of a love letter, or a cry of mercy, but regardless, I'm never going to stop checking out the latest runways or staring aimlessly into the beauty of a Gucci ad. It's that fantasy world I'm attracted to, the image that one product can stimulate a photographer to take. A dress or a shoe or your entire outfit can change your mood for an entire day & even your entire outlook on a brand,  even a company itself.

Don't deny these kinds of brands, high end or not, appreciate them & then find cheaper ways to imitate or to add on your own flair, & just have fun with it. That is what fashion is all about.

By the by, Polyvore is the coolest thing to happen to me, fashion wise, since I learned how to dress myself. I have been huddled over my computer all night/day playing around. I'm falling in love. I will periodically post them here & to my Twitter when I make something I'm super proud of!