DCP Adventures; Eek! The Disney College Program Phone Interview

My phone interview ended just minutes ago, & I can just say, I feel more confident about the possibility of my being accepted than I have since the first day I decided I was going to apply.

The interview is casual, they do not press you into hard answers fast. They encourage you to just really take time to give your answers in a well paced manner. (I failed at this part. I talk fast & ramble when I am really nervous!) They will type your answers as you give them, so honestly, the slower, the better! My recruiter was so kind as to ASK ME to take a breath, she knew how nervous I was (as well as, I informed her of the vat of Mad Tea Party Blend I had consumed prior. Caffeinated, I was!)

Side Note: This is my beautiful new tea cup! <3 Part of the current Disney Villains collection! I am still waiting for the new Disney Couture Dolls collection, which you can see here in one of my earlier posts.  (It releases on October 16th, 2012; I did not know this at the time of my last post on the subject!)

When it comes to your interview, I think it is important to think out your answers prior, you do not have to write them down & script it out, but you should have a decent spiel prepared. & also, come up with some good questions to ask at the end of your interview. When it came time for me to ask questions, I honestly couldn't think of anything. I informed my interviewer that I was on a lot of Facebook groups & social media sites that catered to those in the application process; & I felt as though I had a lot of information already!

In the end, I am greatly looking forward to the acceptance/decline I may receive. In the mean time, it's back to the grind of school & working on my Disney Tumblr. What a good life lately!

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I have loved my experiences on the Facebook page, & would really enjoy some more diversity!