DCP Adventures; The Final Test

After I finished my phone interview, I realized the stress wasn't quite yet over. It's just going to be one thing after another! It just has to be taken one step at a time, but I know I can handle that! Now, for the next two weeks, I will be religiously checking my dashboard, praying that I do not get pended. I'm hoping my high level of energy & enthusiasm during my interview will put me ahead of the ranks & get me an acceptance package before that dreaded pending status has time to appear!

How to pass the time? Tumblr. My Birthday. The AC Coheed & Cambria concert. I still haven't even unpacked from my Disney trip fully... my makeup & all of my junk needs to be reorganized! Gahhh!

I've seen some people get pended & rejections already. But from my understanding, it seems that they were either rejected or pended based on past experience or the fact they have a restricted rehire status already. (It may not be the case if this happens to you, it is just something I've noticed thus far! I HOPE none of you experience this!) I'm very nervous for preparations for if I get accepted, more so than worrying about if I get declined!

What are your plans for acceptance?