Fueled By... Fridays; Self Love Edition

Within the last few days, I've made the biggest step in all of my years of managing my own outlook with Radical Self Love... I took the plunge and committed myself to orthodontic braces!

Don't mind the extra cheesy, big smile selfie! I don't think there has ever been a picture taken of me with an open mouth before in all 21+ years of my life. Honestly, I think they make me look pretty cute, if you don't mind me saying so!

How is this radical self love without true acceptance?
My only real concern, before & during this treatment, was the way that my smile, or lack there of, conducted my personality in professional environments. I didn't mind if anyone else has judged me solely on my appearance in day-to-day social settings, those I usually just let roll off my shoulders. There has always been something holding me back in high pressure moments that maybe I was having a hard time portraying with a closed-mouth smile. 

I know I've always held myself back from smiling much, because I felt as though my teeth were saying more about my abilities than I could. I thought I couldn't be taken very seriously in the world of Entertainment or Media, where it is all illusions of grandeur & a detail oriented market; it seemed like I myself didn't take care of my appearance, when I was absolutely was truly just terrified by it! I may have this time where I look & feel a little bit younger, but I know the end payoff will be well worth a little bit of a soreness!

Lucky for me, I don't have any incredibly complicated appliances yet, just some simple brackets, wire, & some rubber bands for good measure. There was talk of an orthodontic TAD for a while... and that was sort of a back pedal moment for me! I definitely just made sure to follow through with something desirable with a trade-off, because I truly know that this is such a brave action to take. And of course, I'm happy to say that I accented my brackets with purple bands for a little extra. & I couldn't be any happier.

Is there anything that you have ever wanted to do, as a true act of kindness towards yourself, but were too scared? Tell me about it!