Fueled By... eBay!

Over on my Tumblr network, I have a blog called Fandom-Finds that I'm sure I've talked about before. This is the blog that I use primarily to promote really cool merchandise from all facets of Entertainment, including fandom art & products of characters from books, movies, TV shows, music, etc. It's no surprise that I use Amazon Associates in order to monetize this content as it is the most convenient & beneficial service, but since Amazon has such a great back catalog of these items from a marketplace of both public & individual private sellers... really, I just really using it to feel as though I am blogging with a sense of purpose! I like being able to create my own branding materials and organize my blog theme for ease of use; I consider it pretty great practice for when I launch my own business in the future.

Besides the content on that blog from other retailers, I also like to sell my own products & other items. Lately, I've been using my eBay as side income to help me through finding a new job. It only seems fair that on this eStore, other than my used clothing & home goods, that I should also additionally offer up some of my fandomware as well! Here's a few things up for grabs on my eBay store right now:

Toy Story Women's T-Shirt (Size S)
Portal 2 Women's T-Shirt (Size S)

Marvel Women's T-Shirt (Size L)

Mickey Mouse Women's Long Sleeve Top (Size M)
Cool, huh?