Things I Love Thursday!

Morning coffee time with my love  The feeling of panic/excitement towards my move to Florida ♥ When Christmas comes to an end & the snow really starts to fall Space bags ( I cannot express my love for them enough) ♥ Getting organized  Planning my new apartment ♥ Weekends with my best friends ♥ Long winded rants ♥ All of the recent help from my parents ♥ Fancy collared shirts ♥ Patterned button-ups ♥ Moving to the Sunshine State ♥ Setting up my real-time budget... & the prayers that it sticks ♥ Playing with CSS & HTML in Dreamweaver ♥ Avon's discontinued color changing nail polish ♥ New Year's resolutions  Putting gaming & Disney buttons on backpacks ♥ Stocking stuffers ♥ Preparing to play Epic Mickey 2 for 3DS; An ode to the Castle of Illusions series! ♥ Picking out new bedding for my apartment ♥ Getting my RSL boards ready for transfer to my new room ♥ Burning candles before bed ♥ Guinea pig best friends, letting me curl their hair! SSX rage.

That's all for this week! It's getting pretty hectic over here. Hopefully I can keep up!