DCP Adventures; Packing

While there are TONS of DCP blogs that have made their packing lists available for us all to read & use as we see fit, I figured I'd make a post about mine, too! (You can see here, here, and here for some other examples!) I'm not going to show my lists specifically, because they are currently in 4 different parts. I've been struggling to pack what I truly need vs. what I want to bring! (No surprise there!) It's hard to leave home behind- especially if you've never done it before.

I've been spending most of today watching apartment tours (& praying for Chatham Square. It is my favorite by far! Although, I'd be satisfied with any of the housing complexes!) It's interesting to see what others have done with their spaces to help determine what I'd like to do with mine. I've already figured that there are plenty of items that I can wait until I get to Florida to pick up (bedding, towels, shower curtains, etc.) because I figure it doesn't hurt to try to pack light! I successfully packed & vacuum sealed the majority of my clothes, sans the clothing I will wear to the airport, & some of things I plan on wearing when with my Aunt. Clothes are pretty personal, in my opinion. I doubt that listing out the 20 dresses I am bringing will actually help someone else who doesn't wear dresses! It's still pretty important to mention that you need to remember to bring both professional & appropriate attire for this program; it is a must for check-in (which can be a little more lax), Traditions, work training, formal events, & your classes that all require that you to abide by the Disney Look. (I just posted about that last week!)

In addition to my various packing lists, I am also making a "luggage guide map" so that I know what bag I am packing various items in; hopefully it will make unpacking much easier! Other than ensuring you have the professional clothes, one of the best things to keep in mind while packing for this program is to know your luggage allowance for your chosen method of transportation. If you are flying, look up how many bags you can have both checked & carry-on; then double check the airline's weight limits & bag size. If you can take a train, check with the luggage allowances as well, as most have told me that the train provides for more versatility, & may be a better option if you want to bring things and cannot drive on your own. Lastly, if you can drive & bring a car, DO IT! By far I would believe this would give you freedom to both bring what you need & best for getting around in Orlando.

For some, packing will be a breeze... but for others, myself included, it can be pretty difficult! Just remember: 1. Stick to the basics. 2. Get Space Bags! 3. Ship what you can!