DCP Adventures; The Disney Look

One of the most debated topics among both DCP hopefuls & alumni, and generally among Disney cast members, are the Disney Look guidelines. I, myself, panicked at first glance of the guidelines, considering I'm quite eccentric with both my fashion choices & my make-up (& my past body modifications...) The Look guidelines are both criticized & revered as being a policy that is too extreme.

Bottom line: I agree with the guidelines. For the years that I have been visiting the Disney Parks, my expectations from the cast members that I have encountered have always been very high. I have received some of the best guest service in my life from the Disney Parks cast members; so much so that I never referred to customers at my last job as anything except guests. (Which definitely made my managers give me funny looks. Always.) Appearance is very important to providing guest service. Days that I went into my last job appearing very tired & unkept I experienced more bad guest situations that I did when I went into work primped, with my clothes looking somewhat ironed.

I recently bought my clothes for my classes & seminars, as well as appropriate make-up choices (Urban Decay Naked palette! <3 Beautiful neutrals.) for when I have to abide by the Look. I don't think it is very difficult to follow! I will miss painting my nails, but I can live without that! I plan on doing a french manicure to keep my nails looking clean. I used to have facial piercings, but I've taken them all out. I remember asking my interviewer about my facial scars from my lip piercings- she said that was not a problem as long as I don't have them in anymore. 

Luckily, I am full of estrogen, so I don't have to worry about having an unkept beard or mustache.

Anything that the Disney Look prohibits that you're going to miss during your time there?