Rant; Target's Neiman Marcus collection & why 50% off is just not enough

Typically, when I shop at Target I make a b-line for the clearance racks. Why, you may ask? My first instinct is to find the best deals, no matter where I shop. I am not against buying an item full price, but let's just say my last Extreme Couponers' marathon had an extreme effect on my psyche.

Recently, the Neiman Marcus Target collection hit the shelves & not to mention, became the first-see rack in the Women's clothing section. For a short time before the Holidays, the collection is 50% off. I can just say, I have a few items from the line that I am dying to have. (The dresses, all of them. Hands down.) I just cannot justify spending $100, let alone $50, on a dress from the store I frequently buy $8 clearance dresses from! I know how brands work. I understand that the loyalty I can feel for Betsey Johnson or Urban Decay causes me to justify the higher prices because the item becomes more worth it to me. But in this case, I just don't feel these designer items & their price fit into my Target shopping routine. Whether this is my personal opinion, or a bad call by Target themselves, I just haven't seen any major success for the line at either of the stores that I have been to.

I just want everyone to know, once these items make it to the 70% rack... I will hopefully snag the water color dress :)