Things I Love Thursday!

Getting Christmas cards in the mail  The decreasing countdown to my DCP Spiked Headbands Planning outfits in advance New Flickr App  Printed Black Milk nylon anything Finally making homemade caramels successfully Marshall's Avoiding the crowds by shopping online during the Holiday season Excitement of getting my first apartment & supporting myself Preparing for the Carrie Diaries TV series (!!!) the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Finally re-learning Photoshop & making my own Disney content Painting my nails somewhat successfully Planning my video diaries Spending the day with my Mom Getting flowers from my boyfriend Packing to move (fear & excitement, all in one!) Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas Cards (Every card I have received so far has been Disney!) Nude shimmer Huge Vera Bradley tote bags Yankee Candles, Cranberry Chutney Disney Princess soundtracks