Things I Love Thursday! ♥

Successful bargain hunting trips  Narrowing down your to-do lists  Decorating with Disney Princesses Packing up old memories  Being excited for Things I Love Thursdays!Falling asleep early without any extra effort  Being able to buy things on my online wishlists Spiked headbands  Making presents for my future roommates!  Cleaning/bleaching my old Converse shoes Finding deals on things you need  Loosing those last few pounds Spending time with my kitties before moving  Versatile clothing pieces, i.e. the strapless dress as a skirt  Purple & gold velour  Getting excited about creating a new RSL board  Taking my Mom's advice... & the times it really works  Waiting for the Target Neiman Marcus collection to go on clearance!  Using glitter over your eyeshadow  Rants with your best friend  Picking out a new multivitamin  Making plans to see my best lady friends  Black boots & leggings  Green tea with honey  Creating my first solo grocery list in advance  Stretching on the stairs  Realizing there is a cheaper UD Naked Basics Palette (!!!)  Lace peplum tops & glitter heels  Beating Epic Mickey 2, & completing a lot of side quests in less than 2 weeks! (Seriously, a record for me... I get frustrated easily!)  Self-made folders out of fancy card stock  Breakfast dates with old friends  Mourning the loss of Gossip Girl  Leis from the Polynesian Resort in WDW  New sandwich combinations  Hauls made entirely out of sale items  Thinking of the Instagram/Twitter rivalry like fighting exes  Ingenius bra solutions Mock packing  Watching "Elf" 300x in a row Saving for an Instatax camera  Making Holiday & New Year plans  Patterned dresses  Working out in the Winter chill  My Like A Disney Princess Haunted Mansion background theme  Tina Fey marathons Matte finish nails & lips (Okay, everything!) Cinderella Sephora palette