Things I Love Thursday!

Nights with old friends Feeling of accomplishment after you clean out your closet ♥ Hyper laughing fits Putting up Christmas decorations  Daily Target trips ♥ Crawling into bed ♥ Completing Disney New Hire paperwork (I am officially an Employee!) ♥ Splurging on make-up Having a (somewhat) clean room ♥ Vintage hairstyles ♥ Planning an intensive Business Cas. shopping spree Guilty pleasures: MTV reality shows ♥ Lounging in bed, no pants Growth of my Disney Tumblr The decreasing countdown to Florida Finding the perfect CHEAP red lipstick (more on this later!) Helping a friend realize their potential Ideas for a wave of change Finding the perfect inspiration on Pinterest RSL Bulletin board collages (need to pack mine up to bring to Orlando!) Claudio Sanchez lookalikes (Seriously, though, have you been to a Coheed show?! They travel in packs.) Clearance dresses from Target Brand new undies! Tumblr asks Ice cold water 20 minute work outs The Urban Decay Naked Palette Polka dots & floral prints Epic Mickey 2 time (stuck right now, trying to avoid using walkthroughs!) Candles & incense, burning at all once Ben Gibbard playlists Finding new fandoms Dreaming of new opportunities Realizing what is truly important Packing more dresses than pants, shirts, & shoes combined (!!!) The most important fact of all: No one hates Twilight more than Robert Pattinson. Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay Crying over the end of Gossip Girl/getting excited to have her identity revealed Fearing no one but my own abilities & being confident I can accomplish anything New Betsey Johnson shoes Printing out Instagram pictures Writing in bed Talking to my future roommates New Fantasyland grand opening ABC Family 25 days of Christmas Watching that 70's Show re-runs Oswald ears Colored Xmas lights