Things I Love Thursday;

Inspired by Gala Darling's famous Things I Love Thursdays, I'm going to try to replicate her efforts & try to do my own every week! Such an inspiring idea.

After work-out chills  Ice cold water  Organizing my make-up collection  Making new friends  Feeling accomplished when I finish assignments  Toy Story on Disney Channel  Lounging in bed with my laptop  Comments/asks on my blogs ♎ Drawing out sewing designs  Leggings & dresses  Dark velvet ♎ Trimming my hair  Pastel colors  Liquid eyeliner that doesn't smudge or dry out  Doing my nails  Epic Mickey 2 (Only 2 more days until release!)  Swamp Family  Blogging & YouTube  Galaxy print  Scented candles & lavender spray Bodycon  Yoga pants Glitter Craft store coupons Instyle, Cosmopolitan & Elle Magazine

Not bad for a first try!