Misadventures; With Pin-Up Hair

My attempts at Pin-Up/Rockabilly hair;

@fueledbyfantasy on both twitter & instagram

As a sort of experiment for a friend's Halloween costume, I started playing with vintage curls. I had done some curls on the extensions for my Fueled by Fantasy Tumblr Giveaway, so I decided my hair deserved some TLC & a little bit of pep. The first try (left) was sort of meh. The 2nd (right) was a shit ton better, considering I used a much larger chunk of the front of my hair. My hair is rather short & I'm trying to grow it out before moving to Florida. Also, found out my cheap Forever 21 liquid eyeliner isn't actually that bad. It's been better than the $1 e.l.f. liner pens I've been using from Target! I'm still too scared/new to try full on cat eyes/winged liner. So I just have been doing little ones. I know I talk a lot about Disney & my nerdier habits on my blog, but I might as well admit I do spent much more time staring at other adorable ladies & their beauty habits online than I do Disney Princesses!

All thanks to thecherrydollface on YouTube for her amazing tutorials. The one for the front barrel roll is here! She is such a babe.