Thoughts; Disney Bought Lucasfilms!?

I knew something was in the works, at least in someone's thoughts, when Disney updated Star Tours a few years ago. (Which I rode at least 5 times the last time I was at Disney back in September! So much fun. Still haven't been to all the destinations...) I also have been hearing rumors on Tumblr that Disney has plans in the works for Hollywood Studios. The reality of a larger Star Wars themed area is definitely getting much closer. (Also, my prayers are still very much directed towards more Monsters Inc areas. Also, a Tangled musical. That was probably my favorite rumor as of late.)

Reading the article here at Business Insider, Disney will be revealing further details about a continuation of the Star Wars franchise with an all new movie in 2015. While some fans of the original films by George Lucas may not be happy about this, I can honestly say we should look to the total success of what Disney has done with Marvel. Captain America? Thor? IRON MAN? The Avengers was fantastic. There is a fandom in itself for just Loki. I'm glad to see he will remain on the films as Creative Consultant. I do believe he will, at the very least, not let Disney make anything happen that he doesn't 100% agree with.

I am probably going to be a really big party pooper here, but I have not actually watched any of the Star Wars films. I am 20 years old & have yet to sit & watch them all. I do understand the story, & I do know the general characters & themes, but I would not be a true Nerdfighter if I wasn't at least giving the franchise a shot. Sorry to jump on the band wagon late, but now I have a great reason to follow through with watching the series. It's important to me, even as a Disney fan girl, to always appreciate the original before things evolve.