Photo Manipulation;

I LOVE photo manipulation. My favorite thing to do in photoshop is deconstruct an image & then put it back together. Or remove the color & recolor it myself. Yes,  for fun. My least favorite trend right now?

Tattoo'd & pierced Disney Princesses. Listen, I think it's cool in terms of the fact you can do it, but it doesn't mean you should. I LOVE tattoos & piercings (I used to have double monroes, my lip, my septum, nose, etc) but there's a reason I took them out. They had no place in the careers I wanted & the fact that I hated the fact they defined my face when people looked at me, they weren't really looking at me. Sure, it's fun to look at the Princesses in another light, but I am seeing too much of it on Tumblr/Pinterest/Weheartit, etc. 

I guess it's like my hobby of deconstruction, it's just putting these woman back into a different time period & readjusting their coloring? Maybe? Kudos to the talent behind whoever is making them, at the very least.



keevona reynolds said...

What software did use i really want to learn :)

keevona reynolds said...