DCP Adventures; Cheers to the best day of my life!

Yesterday, at 2pm, I received my Congratulations e-mail from Disney Worldwide Services, announcing my acceptance into the Walt Disney World College Program. I cried, I screamed. I was on the phone with my best friend at the time, & I startled her like no one ever has before.

I was accepted into my top role, Merchandise, a mere 4 days following my phone interview. I feel like a Princess. I never thought I'd be accepted so early, & I never even thought that I would be accepted for Merchandise. (I was thinking they'd end up placing me in something like QSFB, which I wasn't really that into, but would of been accepting of, considering it's still working for Disney!)

Today, I will be paying my fees & choosing my arrival dates, as well as booking my flight. I've also starting selecting roommates! (Found some lovely ladies so far!) This is all happening so fast. I am ecstatic, my life finally feels like I have done something right. & apparently, very right considering I was accepted after only 4 days! Yet, it seems most people who have applied for Spring were accepted all at once, & only today did the Spring Advantage acceptances begin!

All of my friends & family have literally rejoiced for me. I feel so accepted, & like people are proud of me for the first time in my entire life. I feel like my past is now just the past, & there is absolutely nothing holding me back anymore. If anything, I can't wait for the ghosts of my past to see where I am heading!

I'm really still enjoying getting to see everyone else in my groups being accepted! Good luck to everyone else! See ya real soon!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from Google when I was looking up last minute preparations for the DCP phone interview. Mine is today! :)
I just wanted to say I enjoyed this blog post, especially the ending and how you feel like your past is the past and nothing is holding you back anymore.
I couldn't agree more for I am living life similarly. :) I feel like that's how I will feel, or want to feel, if I (HOPEFULLY) get accepted. Good for you!
Congrats again!

Samantha Zellers said...

Thank you so much, Anon!
Let me know how your interview goes!
You can just message me here or on my Tumblr (likeadisneyprincess) !!! <3

Anonymous said...

My interview went pretty well I think.
The hard part now is just waiting to see if I am accepted or not.
From what I've read online it seems like a lot of people have gotten accepted so it gives me hope but then I also have read a lot of people are pending. :/

Samantha Zellers said...

Were you excited/happy/enthusiastic sounding in the interview? I feel like that's what they base the decisions off of the most! It's what I've been told by Disney cast members I talked to on my recent trip, my recruiter, & all my Disney fan page friends :)