DCP Adventures; A Round of Applause

This morning, I saw a round of my DCP friends received some acceptances! We've been waiting for this day, to see the first results from our hard work & anticipation. I have noticed, however, the majority of them were actually applying for a second program. I wonder if that has something to do with it? I, for one, only had my interview 3 days ago. I have much more waiting to go! & in the mean time, I've been working on my Tumblr & establishing a few different kinds of blogs rather than just my Disney niche. Gotta have variety!

My school, Full Sail, launched a new platform for their students yesterday, called Connect. It's much more a social connection now than it was, before it was rather just a portal for classwork & resources. It has combined campus & online students like never before, and I am so grateful for it! I couldn't find the links to my student advisor or the success services, as I wanted to send a message regarding my application to the DCP & what my options would be. If I get accepted, my preference would be to take an LOA during the time period I am there. Or, have it count as college credits & make it be my "class" for those 4-5 months so that I do not have any additional school work. I want to really immerse myself in the experience. I don't want to worry about school, my classes with Disney, and working 40+ a week!

I'm going to spend some time at my Aunt's in Clearwater, I think, & then be able to really get myself together to be able to move into my apartment as smoothly as possible from up north. Oh, the possibilities. I also find it really amusing that if I get accepted, I will be going from FREEZING COLD Pennsylvania winter to comfy weather Florida.

What are your plans for the DCP?