Fueled By...Fridays; Summer Edition

It's been a wonderful past few weeks, if I do say so. The magic of this lovely summer weather has been helping me feel extra energetic & motivated to progress forward with a few old projects. I've been in this mode of reconstruction, too; the past few days, I've been recovering from having my wisdom tooth removed (Sorry the story isn't that great, I only had one, but apparently I'm a baby when it comes to pain!) & I've had plenty of time to work on my projects and even re-do my resume. I think the extra rest & excuse to focus on only a few things at a time, gave me the confidence to send off my info to some jobs I never thought I would have in the past!

The garden my beau & I have been working on since Spring has been growing quite wonderfully! Our cute little squash are getting so much bigger. It's one of the easiest plants to grow with a very high yield. Definitely always going to have one of these in the mix each year. If I'm correct, these are our Butternut Squash as of today.

Before this past week, I've went to Hersheypark a few weeks ago with a friend; it wasn't a busy day at all, with overall clear skies & low lines for the rides & the waterpark. I should not have done Skyrush right away in the morning... it set such a high par for the rest of the day!

A photo from White Rocks, just a little mini hike during the day with a friend.

I've also discovered the best piece of advice for anyone to get really into their projects. Give what you do a name & brand everything! It's such a fun way to integrate motivation & passion into what you like & want to do with your time. Fueled By Fantasy has always been my starter into most creative projects, just a prototype to experiment with. I like my simple color palettes & even my self-made photo-shoot area for my eBay items. Featuring my 13+ year old kitten Ally taking center stage, just as she prefers all of the time.

I'm currently putting together a visual resume/portfolio booklet to score a new graphic design position, & putting some time into seeking out the older materials that I've put together for this project. Sometimes, it's a great idea to look back & see how much progress you've made! Please wish me luck.


Also...less than a week until I get my braces!