Weekly Round-Up:

I decided to do something different a little differently on this blog in order to keep myself busy until my time for the DCP. I'll do a collection of pictures once a week that I find for my various blogs; the popular ones, of course!

Top Left: This picture I get requested to post near constantly on my Disney Princess blog, I use it as my avatar for likeadisneyprincess! I still do not remember where I found it, so one would just assume weheartit. My apologies. Top Right: I found this great Tumblr today dedicated to Disney Weddings, disneyweddingdreams. I looked through their entire archive, totally dreamy. Center Left: Ariel. Whipping her hair back. Amazing gif. Center Right: I love this picture of the Magic Kingdom from Flickr, we generally focus on the castle so much, that we almost forget that we have the entirety of Main Street, U.S.A that is just so gorgeous. Bottom Left:  Epic Mickey is probably my new favorite game franchise & I'm really excited for the new one coming out soon, Power of Two. The real life "brotherhood" is represented in the game so beautifully, I cried like a baby during the first one a few times. (No shame.) I like this illustration, fan made, so much! I need to acquire some Oswald ears, ASAP! Bottom Right: Halloween is coming, but I already celebrated Halloween, the Disney Not So Scary Way, back in September. It was an amazing night, & this pumpkin is just as adorable as so much of what I saw the nights I was there!

My favorite: Lastly, my favorite thing I came across this week. Pictures like this make me incredibly happy when I find them. Cinderella Castle is not only a beautiful structure, but it is also one of the world's best illusions. This blueprint shows us the reduced scaling on top that give us the vision that is it one insanely tall building, but it's really only a few hundred feet. I'm not sure where this one was found, at least from my point of view.


Another thing, a new pet peeve I have found is that when I do find pictures & post them from weheartit, I get messages claiming that I am "reposting" or "stealing" pictures because my images happen to be posted on the same days of theirs. It's just Tumblr, seriously. It's not under my control where those pictures are linked from on the weheartit page itself or if they are linked at all. Usually, I am too excited about the picture or the .gif in general to really look out for that. I always link back to weheartit, because that's where I found it personally and I am just covering my bases. I found weheartit as a useful source of content for my website, but now, I do feel like it's not as credible as one would make it out to be. Also, in total honesty, no Disney blogs have a right to any of their content because they themselves are using copyrighted materials, i.e. Disney images & characters, to produce their own content. Disclaimer or not, you're still infringing in some way, shape, or form. All of that is partially avoided when you link your own sources. Doesn't hurt to try.