Vacationing 101

When is it "too soon" to begin packing for a trip? I would assume a year, even a month ahead is a little crazy, but I'm sure that depends on the length of the trip. Beginning to pack a month prior to moving across the world seems more fair, but not for a simple week's time in Florida.

I'm always planning ahead, not too in depth, but rather a lot more than some say I should. (*cough* my boyfriend *cough*) I've been reading a lot of blogs that cater to Disney vacations, but a lot of them are only recommended items for families with children. I am a 19 soon-to-be-20 ladychild (thus the point of this trip) & don't have children in my foreseeable near future. I am simply a little kid at heart, & will never stop being this way. So what, I ask you Internet, does a adult/teen/possible alien being such as myself bring to the most magical place on Earth?

I am by no means a fashionista, more like a D.I.Y. crazy person.  I fancy more sparkle & shine than matching & trends. Comfort can mesh well with function and fashion, but it's usually caught between flesh tone leggings riding up & sprained ankles from trauma brought on by a broken stiletto heel. Lost in translation.

Disney World isn't exactly a runway, either, most people dress like they are on vacation because they are on vacation. Generally no one really cares, unless they are dining at the restaurants at the deluxe hotels, & generally I don't see those people dressed that well in the parks, either. Or in public...

My wishlist for what I want to bring?

1) A stupid big floppy hat that will fall off on Splash Mountain, obviously
2) Glitter polish that doesn't clash with Minnie Mouse or Alice
3) Non-hideous comfortable walking shoes/sandals
4) Sparkly eyeshadow that rivals the Princesses
5) Dresses that give pleasant breezes

Maybe I'll add more to this later...