Review; Revlon Moon Candy

I got my hands on some of the (new?) Revlon dual nail polish sticks/set. I got it in the purple color, Orbit. I was seriously just picking up some crap from Target for my upcoming trip, just wanted to make sure I had a nail polish color that looks good, would last, & that I could not get sick of during the week. I'm such a geek for glitter & anything somewhat sparkly.

This nail polish is like a cool blend of a sparkle & an oil slick reflection when both colors blend together. Moon candy is such a great product name for it, it's crazy. I feel like an Alien princess, guys.

I cannot get a good picture of it, at least not a worthy one of my half assed paint job. So there is someone else's more appropriate attempt. It is absolutely fantastic, the chunks are like greatest part, even though your nails will be perfectly flat.

 It's pretty much going to be my favorite color for a while.