Fancy the month of February.

I owe @galadarling a lot for what I'm about to say & do, I just want to thank her & her amazing way of looking at life for inspiring me to broaden my horizons, & start something equally as beautiful.

Without further ado, introducing Fueled by Fantasy.

You can follow me here or by the twitter @fueledbyfantasy

This has been a train of thought within my life for quite some time now, a brand of my own if you will. I'm passionate about creativity & the way we envision our ideas. The way sometimes our dreams & visions entrap us into something larger than what we ourselves can be, through our art or our craft, & inspires us to continue getting bigger.

This is my story. This is my life. This is my new beginning.

This blog will feature more of a larger view of this idea, but I also will be creating an Etsy store for my creations along the way. My current obsession is thoroughly exploring crafting in every form, & soon, a local JoAnn's Fabrics is opening, & I will be venturing on my own to start sewing various items, as well.

You can also follow me through @samantr0n which is my personal account. Feel free to share your ideas with me & I'll be more than willing to accept criticisms. This week for me, is dedicated to starting this page off the right way & developing it more.